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Security limits is a number used to indicate which action can or can't be done from a frontend (see Technical_HOWTOs/en#Add_a_plugin_parameter).

When security limit is set on a parameter or menu, or action, frontend use it to know if it should block or not the action: if the security_limit of a parameter is lower than security_limit of e.g. libervia, then the action is allowed, else blocked.

Local frontends normally don't use security limit, but it is necessary for multi-users frontends like Libervia.

For a general idea, Libervia's default security limit is 5. Here is a list of possible values:

Find gateways:1
Execute Ad-hoc commands: 2
Change account jid: 10
Download a file (on the backend): 30
Change a global parameter: 50
(dis)connect backend: 50
Change a port: 100

Note that if a security_limit is not specified for a parameter or a menu, the parameter/menu will be forbidden for all frontend security_limit but -1.

For an action, no security_limit is equivalent to a security_limit of 0 (this avoid specifying security limit on each action, and harmful action are rare).