How to change your Libervia's domain name/en

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This page explains how to add a domain that is associated to local Prosody and Libervia servers. It supposes that your servers are already configured and running.

If you are looking for installation instructions, have a look at

Prosody configuration

Edit your prosody.cfg.lua file and duplicate the definition of your existing VirtualHost, just change in the copy the previous domain to the new one.

 Component ""
         component_secret = "password"
 Component ""
         component_secret = "password"

DNS configuration

First you backup your /etc/bind and /var/cache/bind directories!

Use this script: [1]

It is made to change your domain name, not to add a new one, and it will mess up your actual bind9 configuration. It should not be used on production servers but only on your development machine with local servers!

To restore the previous domain names, normally you just need to open your backup of /etc/bind/named.conf.local and you copy/paste in the new file the zones for your previous domains. You can also check /var/cache/bind/revp.127.0.0 and reset the domain that is bound to

SàT configuration

If you want this new domain to be used while creating new Libervia accounts, modify the SàT configuration (probably in ~/.config/sat/sat.conf):

 [plugin account]
 new_account_domain =

sat-pubsub configuration

If you want the blogging feature to work with the new domain, set the appropriate "jid" option when launching sat_pubsub:

 twistd sat_pubsub --secret=password