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gcp is a file copy tool, freely inspired from cp, but with a few high-level functionnality as:

  • transfer progression indication
  • continuous copying on error (skip to next file)
  • copy status logging: gcp log all its action so that it is possible to know which files have been successfuly copied
  • name mangling to handle target filesystem limitations (for example deletion of incompatible characters "*" or "?" on FAT)
  • forced copy serialization: process all copy request sequentially in order to avoid useless moves of the hard disk head
  • transfer lists management: you can save a list of files you copied and copy them again later from that list (useful for example when copying several times the same tracks to multiple friends)
  • command-line interface similar to that of cp


You can get the latest version here: ftp://ftp.goffi.org/gcp/gcp.tar.bz2 If you want an older version, you can get it at ftp://ftp.goffi.org/gcp/ Sources are also available on the mercurial repository: http://repos.goffi.org/gcp/