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Cagou is the desktop/mobile (Android) frontend of Salut à Toi. Below you'll find installation instructions

First be sure that the backend development version is installed, you'll find installation instructions here

If you have followed backend instructions, you should already have Python 2 and Virtualenv installed. You have to install git also, e.g. for Debian or derivated:

sudo apt install git

You then have to enter the following instructions (you should stay in the same virtualenv as your backend installation):

pip install cython
pip install git+
pip install hg+

Kivy has its own packaging system that you need to install to get 2 more dependencies:

pip install kivy-garden
garden install contextmenu
garden install modernmenu

If everything went well, you can now launch Cagou with following command:


You should see the profile manager, where you enter your XMPP account credentials if you haven't already done with an other frontend.