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Salut à Toi (or SàT for "Hi to You"), is a XMPP/Jabber client, which can have several frontends, i.e. several user interfaces.

You can have descriptions and follow the development on the blog (most of time in French, sometime in English).
A global presentation is available here.


You can download the last version here:
If you want an older version, you can have it at:
Source code is also available on the mercurial repository:

You can clone the hg repository:

hg clone


Last release

You can automatically install SàT and his dependencies using easy_install or pip. You will however need to install Python's headers (needed to build some packages), WxPython which is available in most Gnu/Linux distributions, PyGObject and developments version of libxml2 and libxslt (to compile lxml python library).

The environment variable SAT_INSTALL customises the installation, it contains flags separated by spaces:

  • "nopreinstall" skip all preinstallation checks
  • "autodeb" automatically install missing packages on Debian based distributions
  • "nox" disable installation of X based packages (WxWidgets), this is useful for servers

WxPython and PyGobject are automatically installed on Debian based distributions if "autodeb" option is set. Indeed, on Debian based distribution, you can type (with the root account):

apt-get install python-pip python-dev libxml2-dev libxslt-dev
SAT_INSTALL=autodeb pip install sat

On a *buntu, same commands with sudo:

sudo apt-get install python-pip python-dev libxml2-dev libxslt-dev
sudo SAT_INSTALL=autodeb pip install sat

After installing SàT, you need to install the media:

mkdir -p /path/to/sat_media
cd /path/to/sat_media
tar -jxvf sat_media.tar.bz2

then, create a ~/.sat.conf file which contains:


Of course, replace /path/to/sat_media with the actual path you want to use.

Development version

You can also install the last development version following the same instructions than for the last release, but installing from the mercurial repository instead of using the release archive. Just replace:

SAT_INSTALL=autodeb pip install .


SAT_INSTALL=autodeb pip install "hg+"


SAT_INSTALL=autodeb sudo pip install .


SAT_INSTALL=autodeb sudo pip install "hg+"


tar -jxvf sat_media.tar.bz2


hg clone


To launch the sat backend, enter:


You can stop it with:

sat stop

To know if backend is launched or not:

sat status

NOTE: since SàT v0.5.0, the backend is automatically launched when a frontend need it.


So far, the following frontends exist:

  • Wix: desktop graphical interface, the kind of interface you use with traditional instant messaging softwares. Wix use WxWidgets
  • Primitivus: a command line interface, based on Urwid
  • jp: the command line tool
  • Libervia: the web frontend

Another frontend based on Qt and named Bellacio is in development and aims to replace Wix. So Wix is still maintained but is not subject to any improvement. A frontend for small screen devices is also planned.

To launch Wix or Primitivus, just type the frontend's name:


then create a profile (XMPP account must already exist). To use jp, follow its help:

jp --help

For Libervia, the web interface, check


SàT not only focuses on instant messages: XMPP has a huge potential, and other applications are considered. For example, a French Tarot game is already available. SàT uses a plugin system and allow to display an interface on the various frontends. The Tarot game works in the Wix's graphical display, in the Primitivus's terminal display and in Libervia's web interface - the players of a same game can use the frontend of their choice.


Here is a list of main SàT features, click on them to go to the wiki page.


You can join the MUC room at
There are also mailing list available:
Bugs or suggestions can be added to:

Developpers can have a look at the development page.

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